Free Reselling Mentorship Week 2

I’ve been live-streaming for a few months now but the weekly Wednesday stream has been a newer addition. That being said, I love the format and love the feedback I am getting from you guys. In today’s mentorship stream, we talked about the importance of understanding what your reselling goals are, what tools you DO and DON’T need to start selling books, and took some great questions and comments from many viewers, including the Bearded Picker and Daily Refinement. I hope you enjoyed the video and let me know if you’ve got any questions! I will be doing this every Wednesday at noon (maybe a little later sometimes if I get too busy), rain or shine!

A few things that struck me after the livestream ended:

  • I need to start creating a monthly retail arbitrage lead list
  • I need to get a haircut
  • I need to make sure I maintain consistency in my warehouse clean-out efforts
  • I need to create some sort of goal creation/accountability sheet

I’ve been reading/listening to a few self-improvement books and what irks me about them is how so many fall back on the idea that, if you follow the crowd, you will be okay. There seems to be a reliance upon acceptance from your peers as a sign that you’re doing something right, or maybe that’s just the subversive goal of someone who has made a career out of finding a positive way to tell people they are underachieving. I don’t know, my thoughts are still a little unclear on it, I just don’t like how little effort it taken to explain how an individual can succeed and how that success doesn’t have to occur at the sacrifice of some part of their individualism. Just random thoughts! As I mull them over, my take on it might change.

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