How to get ungated for DVDs on Amazon

How to Get Ungated for DVDs on Amazon

I love selling DVDs and CDs on amazon because it is an underserved market. There are far, far fewer DVD sellers than there are booksellers, and that makes profiting easier and competition less fierce. So why am I writing this blog post telling you about how to get ungated for DVDs on Amazon? Because, while I appreciate the easy path to profits, I also don’t fear competition. My belief is that if you’re better at me in something, you deserve to reap the gains from it.

And that’s why I made this video, because I want everyone to have access to the information needed to better their lives. You’re going to see asshole Amazon FBA gurus who want to charge you THOUSANDS for this. Not here. Those people suck. They want to squeeze every penny out from you because they don’t know how to provide meaningful value. My hope is that, once you watch the video about how to sell DVDs on Amazon (as opposed to eBay, where anyone can do it), you realize that I am on your side, and I can start making money off your sustained viewership and commitment to the community and not just selling you some snake-oil and a dream.

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