What Are The Best Dollar Tree Items to Resell?

If you’re looking to start a resale business, Dollar Tree offers an easy starting point while you learn the ropes. The truth is that most of the Dollar Tree products aren’t worth reselling. For $1.25, you’re better off buying some used books at a thrift store, but there are some items that have consistent enough demand to warrant the investment. Here are the main items I sell from Dollar Tree:

  1. DVDs
    1. If you are ungated in DVDs, Dollar Tree DVDs are the biggest winfall. Some of these will sell for $25+ dollars, although the majority will be below $10. Don’t get caught up on the small profits, because the scale is there to make several thousand dollars a year, especially if you FBA them,
  2. Books
    1. Pretty much the same as DVDs except with a lower ceiling. You are going to want to look up the price of these books on eBay and Amazon and buy in quantity. If you sell these on eBay, you will be able to take advantage of cheap media mail shipping rates
  3. Food / Candy
    1. I like to sell the candy and food items from Dollar Tree, either in bundles on eBay of using Amazon FBA on Amazon. The margins are thinner on Amazon, but its easy and there’s usually a large amount of stock. on eBay , bundles are going to be better for seasonal items.
  4. Licensed Toys
    1. Dollar Tree has a lot of Disney, Barbie, and Comic or cartoon themed toys. They have minifigures as well as collectibles and larger dolls. All of these are going to be worth looking up if the brand name has any sort of following. I start with disney items, then go to hot wheels, and then lesser known cartoon or comic characters.
  5. Trendy Toys
    1. When fidget spinners were big, you could make a few bucks a pop here. Currently, pop-it bands are popular- I’ve purchased these for $1.25 and sold them for $5-$10, although they need to be unique to garner that kind of price as there are a lot of races to the bottom.
  6. Seeds
    1. Dollar Tree has lots of 4-for-$1 seed packets. You can list these in bundles by type and ship them in an envelope. There are more risks associated with envelope shipments (if the customer says they didn’t get it, you’re out of luck and will need to refund them) but the long-term profits outweigh the risks.
  7. Trading Cards
    1. I haven’t seen trading cards at Dollar Tree in 2022 (or 2021 for that matter), but in 2020, there were $1 packs in gravity feed boxes. If they have these again (football, basketball, or pokemon) you are going to easily triple or quadruple your money with the only limit being how many you can get your hands on.

Hope this helped start you in the right direction! As always, don’t buy anything you can’t afford to not be able to sell and treat this more as a beginning learning spot instead of a replacement for any serious amount of income.

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