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October 2020 Affiliate Marketing Report

If you are reading this, you’re part of something special. This is my first affiliate marketing report. I have dabbled in it but never taken it seriously in the past- partly because the average transaction was so low that I didn’t care, partly because I didn’t think that I had a big enough following to make money doing it, and partly because I am a procrastinator. BUT HERE WE ARE. By doing this one time, I am forcing myself to continue doing it. I will not lose consistency! Nor should you!

Anyways, although I’ve had affiliate marketing accounts for a long time, the use was sporadic and unstrategic. I just recently devised two strategies to start making more money off these affiliates. They are pretty unrelated so I hope you read them both and learn from what unique strengths they each have.

Getting More Qualified Affiliate Traffic Through Consolidation

If you’ve checked my YouTube Channel, you know that I don’t do a lot of stuff how I am supposed to. An example of that is my piss poor descriptions to videos- I usually get the right keywords in, but everything else beyond that is inconsistent and I am surely missing out on affiliate revenue because of it. My channel gets between 100,000-250,000 views a month, so that should realistically result in between 1-5,000 clicks, I would think. Instead, in October, I only got 681 clicks. How absolutely terrible is that? I also have a separate affiliate relationship with Payability that I have neglected for about a year. They owe me several hundred dollars but I have been too lazy to update my payment information. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to cash checks, but it is. It’s not that I don’t care about making money, it’s that possessing it is less fun. I need to spend more. Buy more art. If I had kids, I’m sure I wouldn’t be thinking the same way. Anyways, I don’t have any payability affiliate income to report but as soon as I update everything, I will. Instead, we will focus only on Amazon Associates. I don’t have an eBay affiliate link or any with specific companies besides payability. Again, I really need to get my ass on that.

Here is is. Wow. An astounding $17.59. I can buy a whole gluten-free pizza with that. Just kidding, gluten-free pizzas cost like $25 min around here. I get sick if I eat grains. Don’t blame me, I love gluten, its just my gut that doesn’t. When I look to see what products are driving me the most revenue, the information becomes a little bit clearer.

This is a bit more helpful. The top 4 paying items aren’t even resell related, so that means someone clicked a link of mine and then bought something else. I have a video up about the swing speed sensor on my youtube page that makes me about $100/year (adsense + affiliate). Amazing, actually, considering it was pretty much just an afterthought about a product that was sent to me for free to make social media posts about. The most commonly bought items where Duck Tape, a Heat Gun, and Scotty Peelers. Those ARE resale oriented. Duck tape is based out of Ohio and their tape works, so I have no problem recommending them. My conversion rate for the month was 2.79%, which is pretty good ecomemerce wise, although I will be tracking it month to month and seeing how it changes and how those changes impact my income.

Posting random ass videos and getting paid for it, too

My other Amazon affiliate strategy is using another channel I created called Demo Everything where I post random videos with very specific long-tail keywords in an attempt to bring is as many views as possible with as little work as possible, creating revenue by me merely filming aspects of my day that I would already be focusing on. It’s a concept I am working on called Income Synergy. I don’t know if that’s what I am going to eventually call it because the URL is taken and I want to make it something snappy that can replace the “passive income” paradigm that poisons so many young minds. You might say “BUT BLAKE, ISN’T DIS DA PAsSIVE INCOME?” to which I say “no, what is passive about me having to create an account, create videos, and post links”? I am going to use passive income in my verbiage more often, but only because I want to steal traffic away from charlatans. There are a lot of assholes out there who want to sell you a dream. I hate them. They are what motivates me to GIVE you all this information for free. I don’t believe in scarcity centric hard sell sales tactics, not because I think they don’t work, but because they are cowardly and uninteresting. I can take cowardly and interesting, of courageous and boring- but the combination of the two makes these shitstains unbearable.

This is a screenshot from my other attempt. It’s just beginning so the only reason I include it is for future continuity. 2 clicks. Woo hoo. $0. I have a tentative goal of turning this channel into a $500/month income stream, but it’s still in the “lets see how big this can realistically get” stage, which may go on for a year or more.

I am also currently looking for an accounting service that will tie me in with an affiliate plan. Everyone always asks about accounting so I might as well be able to sell them something that’s reliable. That’s a huge caveat here- none of this is going to work if people don’t trust that I am looking out for their best interest. If I begin to appear as some snake oil guru loser who is trying to squeeze every penny from my viewers and members of WBK Ultra, they will find someone who isn’t. A lot of people think they can act any way they want towards their followers/subscribers, but that’s ego talking, baby. It’s constantly a relationship based on what value I add to their lives, so my job is to figure out how I can do that in specific enough terms that it’s helpful and broad enough terms that any piece of advice could potentially help 1,000,000,000+ people. I know that seems kind of grand, but you gotta aim high if you want to succeed big.

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