How I use Local Auctions

I sell on ebay, I sell on Amazon, I sell on Mercari, I sell on etsy, I sell on facebook marketplace. And, for about two years, I’ve been selling the items that are too heavy or low-value (or seem like they might be a hassle for another reason) have ended up going to a local auction. I use in Flint, Michigan. The main benefits of using a local auction are

  • No fricken returns
  • No fricken shipping
  • No fricken customer support

You end up making a little less revenue per item (for the midling tier of items that I am often selling here) but, when shipping and returns are taken out of the equation, it becomes a great spot to liquidate my inventory that hasn’t sold. I’ve been dropping off between 25-35 items a week there. It takes me about 4 hours to make that many listings on the auctions backend, but you can also just drop off the stuff and they take pictures and create listings, albeit for a higher price. Most local auctions will offer that two-level pricing structure. For me, I pay $2.50 + 15% for every item that I take pictures of myself and $5 + 25% for the items that they take the pictures of. Because the pictures only take about 15 seconds to take, it becomes pretty easy to see why I take that extra step myself. I’ve seen some auction houses go as low as $1 + 10% for items you take pictures of yourself.

Here’s the video of what a standard auction house day looks like for me.

Forgive the title, I didn’t get kicked off ebay, but the mongrels on YouTube like to see people fail and they’ve been harassing me about why I’ve been doing so much local auction stuff for a few weeks.

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