10 Under $100 Items That Will Make Your Resale Business Make More Money

Hey, It’s Blake here, the guy on the internet that makes good money selling weird stuff and I want to help you become more efficient in your resale business so today I bring to you my list of under $100 tools that will help YOU make more money. If you see something you like, I’ve linked them all below in the description of this video and on my corresponding blog post. PS This baby is gonna be chock-full of affiliate links.

  1. Label Peeler + Heat Gun
    1. You can get this set of must haves for under $40 on Amazon, and cheaper on eBay. If you’ve ever found a limited edition, in box, super rare item that would be in pristine condition EXcEPT for the stupid goodwill sticker they stuck on it that would RUIN the condition of the box if you pulled it off, then you need this. The heat gun loosens up the adhesive (a hair dryer is okay in a pinch, but they blow out too much air) and a label peeler will save your fingernails. I bought my first heat fun 6 years ago and have been using the same one since. 
  2. Thermal printer
    1. If you are printing off more than 10 or 15 labels a day, I would seriously consider getting a thermal printer. People differ on the brands, I prefer Dymo and Zebra, but there are several smaller companies out there who have private labeled alibaba items and those work fine too, but if you’re looking to save money, might as well just buy the cheaper non-branded version. These thermal printers don’t use ink and they can be used to print on adhesive labels so you are saving both time and money. 
  3. Bluetooth Scanner
    1. This is not going to be a need for every business, but if you are doing any sort of bulk barcode scanning, the kind you would do when buying pallets of DVDs or Books, a bluetooth scanner is an absolute must. I prefer the pistol grip scanners because I have big hands, but if you have teensy dainty fingers, there are hundreds of pocket size bluetooth scanners that you can stick to the bottom of your phone. These are going to range from $15 on upwards, depending on how fancy you want to get, but pretty much every cheap bluetooth scanner is going to work the same.
  4. Box resizer 
    1. This isn’t a must because you can certainly become proficient resizing boxes with a razor after doing it every day for a few months, but if you want to skip all that pesky hand-eye coordination build up, you can just buy a box resizer. They have wheels and fixed angles and all the stuff you need to turn bigger boxes into… smaller boxes. This is important because smaller boxes are going to generally ship cheaper than larger boxes, although there is a litany of exceptions that I am sure you will let me know about in the comments. Which reminds me! Comment below with what you think is a under $100 MUST have for resale
  5. Some variation on a light box
    1. A light box is a box that has translucent sides that soften light from outside the box, and remove image clutter inside the box. They come in LOTs of sizes and some do cost more than $100, but I got my box that is about 30” cubed on ebay for under $50. This is best for people who are working out of a garage or warehouse with harsh fluorescent lighting. 
  6. A flat lay background
    1. If you don’t want to go the light box route because you don’t have enough space or you’ve got tons of natural light and don’t need the box, you can opt to go towards a flat lay background. These are plastic mats that look like they are made of some finer material and can really make your photos stand out compared to other resellers. I see these being used more for items in subjective saturated markets, like clothing, where pretty much everything looks the same so it’s the “feeling” the buyer gets when they see the item that pushes them to make the purchase. You can grab these for $1 at the Dollar Tree or around $10 online.
  7. BULK items
    1. This one is kind of a cheat because it isn’t a specific item, but rather a way of buying items. I always, always buy bulk. I don’t want to buy packing tape in less than case quantities and I don’t want to buy boxes if I don’t get a discount for purchasing the bundle. A large part of running a profitable reselling business is having the foresight to plan ahead and the financial runway to afford to let things pay-off over time. You can get bulk discounts from some retailers like Home Depot (i think it’s called a contractor discount) or you can do what I do and scour auction websites for people who are going out of business or moving locations or just have too much or something and sell them for dirt cheap per unit. 
  8. An amazon professional subscription
    1. A lot of people get mad about Amazon fees and they kind of have a right to, it’s $40/month and that adds up fast! But if this last taught you anything, it’s that sometimes you gotta spend money to make money. Expanding the pool of buyers you can sell to is one of the best ways to make money, so while using free websites like bonanza or ecrater might seem like a good idea, it probably makes more sense to focus on websites like eBay and Amazon that spend millions and millions of dollars advertising. A slightly less important but still useful subscription would be your OWN website, where you can easily hop-over similar listings on free listing sites in google shopping results, which is where a large portion of sales from those free sites come from.
  9.  A toothbrush
    1. There has been nothing more helpful for cleaning the nooks and crannies from the used electronics I sell is a toothbrush. You can grab these for under a dollar EASILY and I go through about one a month, throwing it out only because I am a man of luxury and excess. A little bit of goo-gone and a toothbrush can go a long way to sprucing up the items you resell and are a great way of insuring that you don’t get negative feedback because some loser didn’t like the dust on the back of their used VCR. 
  10. An HDMI  to AV converter 
    1. Changing your process is one of the biggest time wastes there is. If you have to change cords or even worse, change entire televisions when testing the used bluray players, VCRs, video game systems, etc… it is going to take you forever to get your work done. Using an HDMI to AV converter will let you test any HDMI only items using the normal AV (the red, yellow, and white plugs) plugs you’re going to be using for 90% of the items you’re regularly testing. These cost about $15 on Amazon, but certainly can be found at cheaper rates on other websites like ebay or dhgate or alibaba express. 

And there you have it! 10 items under $100 that will send your efficiency into overdrive and help you make more money in a smaller amount of time. I hope you appreciate this article! Be sure to bookmark the page or join my email list!

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