Is Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage Still Profitable in 2022?

I’ve been making thousands of dollars a year reselling Dollar Tree items on eBay and Amazon and every year, the same question rises up: is this still profitable? Are people still doing this to make money? Despite insane levels of inflation, despite Dollar Tree committing to raising their prices via the Dollar Tree Plus model, despite increases in ebay/amazon fees and postage fees, YES, Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage is Still Profitable in 2022.

It comes down to a few main factors:

Dollar Tree Plus Impact is not as bad as people think

Not all items in Dollar Trees are going to cost more than $1 as the Dollar Tree Plus model is rolled out. Currently, Dollar Tree Plus “stores” exist as sections inside already existing Dollar Trees and Dollar Tree/Family Dollar stores. I think that, particularly in urban areas, a new kind of Dollar Tree Plus Exclusive store will be created, but I do not foresee the standard Dollar Tree model being pushed out of business, at least not for a long time.

Even if every Dollar Tree item suddenly became a $2 item, I think that would only end up pushing the cost up on the secondary market. The reason these items sell is because demand exists, and I am skeptical of the idea that an additional $1 charge will significantly impact that demand, especially since these items are already at the bottom end of the cost spectrum.

Dollar Tree DVDs Are Very Profitable

People are still buying DVDs and Blurays. You might thing that the thousand odd streaming services would have starved this market, but there are many titles on on streaming services or people who would rather own for their collection rather than pay one (or, more likely, many) streaming service(s) to hopefully have what they want to watch.

Factor in areas without reliable internet, people’s aversion to giving out private information to companies they don’t trust, and the fact that we are now seeing 4K discs at Dollar Trees, it becomes pretty obvious that, for the creative person, making money reselling Dollar Tree DVDs is still an option. If you want to see what Dollar Tree DVD are most rare/profitable, click the link.

People are Shopping More and More online

This has been an apparently trend that has been increasing every year I can remember. People are finding more reasons to buy things online- maybe its the rising cost of gas, maybe they’re lazy, maybe they think online shopping is fun, maybe they value the time they save shopping online more than the addition cost. There are tons of reasons, but the data shows that this is a trend that’s here to say.

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