$10 to $10K Challenge (2021)

For now, all I will do is post the link to my google spreadsheet where I am tracking this. let’s see how long it takes me to earn $10,0000!

Click to see the updated spreadsheet

Here are the rules:

  1. I will be starting off with $10 that I earned returning pop cans. This is as close to $0 as I want to get.
  2. I will be using my existing accounts, BUT NOT selling things that are restricted for new sellers. My reasoning is that not everyone can just start selling DVDs on Amazon because of the upfront capital cost, but anyone can get started by opening up seller accounts. The various platforms that I will be using all have very easy on-boarding processes.
  3. Unless other wise noted, I will be using discarded shipping materials either from things I’ve purchased or from recycling bins
  4. The profit being shown is after fees and shipping, I’ve updated the spreadsheet to give a general idea of what the fees are for each marketplace. It doesn’t take into account some of the small variations in fees by category or if there’s some other incidental fee tacked on, but it’s 99% good enough.

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