Webull vs Robinhood, What is Better?

If you are a beginner to the stock market and you want to start investing, you’ve probably heard of both Webull and Robinhood. They are simple apps that let you buy and sell stocks, cryptocurrencies, and etfs from your phone, as well as offering tons of more features that will help you grow as an investor. When I downloaded both the apps, I was surprised by how differently they look and what information is presented as “important” on each. For the beginner, I think that Robinhood might be the better shot, as the UI is much prettier and it is much more intuitive, but as you progress from an absolute novice to someone who understands the basic terminology, Webull will probably make more sense moving forward as it offers much more information and opportunities to invest in things like IPOs.

The good news is that you don’t really have to decide which app you have to do without because they are both free and both offer free stocks when you sign up and make a deposit. Robinhood offers 1 free stock while Webull offers 2-4 free stocks, depending on the promotion they are running. Personally, I use both, as there’s no monthly fee on either to keep an account open and I like Webull for the stocks that I plan on buying and holding for a long time and Robinhood for stocks that I want to day trade or sell in a relatively short time period upon acquiring.

If you want to claim your free stocks from both Webull and Robinhood, keep in mind that you won’t get them until you make a deposit. You will also need to claim them using my affiliate link, which I’ve used in all the links in this article, so thank you for supporting the website!

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