Sony Playstation 4 Games at Dollar Tree for Retail Arbitrage!

Every few weeks, I pop into my local Dollar Tree to see what items they’ve got and make a video or two about the retail arbitrage flips that are out there for anyone who wants to start their own side-hustle. Amazon FBA can be a create source of additional income and I recommend everyone at least consider it if they are looking for a mixture of quick returns and passive income.

Normally, I look for licensed toys, office supplies, books, DVDs, and maybe some other seasonal items, but this time, I saw something that blew my mind. Right there in the DVD section was a STACK of BRAND NEW Sony PS4 games. I know, I know, the PS5 just came out, but if you are an online seller you know that brand new copies of games hold their value through generation changes much better than used/opened games do.

I ended up buying 21 copies of the video game as well as some other good finds that were more of what I normally expect to be at Dollar Trees.

Here’s the Dollar Tree PS4 Game video, check it out!

2 thoughts on “Sony Playstation 4 Games at Dollar Tree for Retail Arbitrage!

    1. I am pricing at $22 and I’ll let everyone else race to the bottom and sell out in a few months, then I’ll own the buy box and make a pretty penny on this haul.

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