How to Earn FREE Cryptocurrency Just for Watching Videos

The Cryptocurrency ecosystem is abuzz with excitement, it has been for years, and it, undoubtedly, will continue to be a crackling hot pot of innovation for years to come. And with that possibility for rapid profit and adoption comes the onslaught of free cryptocurrency initiatives meant at bolstering support for the newest token or coin. has developed a program that facilitates YOU getting free coins and tokens just for doing simple tasks like watching videos, reading slides, and answering quizzes.

I went through yesterday and earned $30 in free crypto just for watching a video on Stellar, and reading slides about bounce and graph. It might only be $30, but it only took me about a half hour to complete this and, as an added bonus, I actually learned a little about what these tokens facilitate. I don’t know if I will be using them, but its good to have the understanding and if I ever do want to buy an NFT using bounce or send remittances using Stellar, I will have a slightly better understanding that I otherwise would have.

There are tons of websites that give you the answers to the quizzes but I’m going to buck the trend and tell you that if you’re too stupid/lazy to actually watch the 30 second video or read the 15 word slide, you probably are too stupid to understand what to do with the rewards. If you are this much of a sloth, I regret that you’ve even been given access to the internet, you indolent, habitually idle, waste of space.

Anyways, if you aren’t a piece of garbage, here’s the Coinbase link that will give you $10 in free crypto when you sign up and deposit $100. Including the free crypto you can earn, that’s a 40% return on a $100 investment for only a half hour of your time, which is pretty good.

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