5 eBay Hacks for Daily Sales (Easy Path to $100+/Day)

One of the biggest problems people have with eBay is how unreliable sales can be. For many people, they want to put in a large amount of work at one time, and then reap the benefits of that over a long period of time. This isn’t how eBay is set up to work, but with a few behavioral hacks, you can tweak your ebay business to be very profitable with minimal effort. I made a video about how to get daily eBay sales and, if you’re curious, you can watch it below

How to Get More Sales on eBay

If you don’t want to watch the video, it basically boils down to that you need to develop strategies that allow you to boost engagement (not just listing), utilize eBay’s marketing tools, and take advantage of psychological behavior that will get you more sales. Creating a list of easy items to list, listing things at 25-50% higher than you actually want to earn so you can use discounts and coupons, and making sure that you keep consistent engagement on the backend. Very simple stuff, but I really think you should watch the video to get a better idea. If you’re just getting started selling on eBay, here’s a list of what tools you need to start.

EBay isn’t the only way I make money (in fact, it’s just 1 of 100), so if you want to learn ways to make create new revenue streams, I encourage you to subscribe to my youtube channel and email newsletter. Making money online isn’t difficult, but it does take a certain skill set that isn’t innate for most people. It is my goal to create simple content that will help you jump that hurdle, and enter on your journey towards complete financial independence. Thanks for reading!

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