How I Earned over $10,000 Last Month Online With No Job

Hello! Times are tough! A lot of people are out of work and worried about how they are going to take back control of their finances. I am here to help! And it doesn’t cost any money! I am not trying to help people make money because I think that having that knowledge is extremely important for all of us to live together peacefully and not because I want to sell you some bullshit $2000 course.

In this free reseller livestream mentorship hour, I go over my revenue streams from lowest to highest, eventually talking about my Amazon revenue. This is my deposits minus COGs, so not gross and not net, but a general idea of how much money you can expect to make doing the things I teach. Hope you enjoy the livestreams, and make sure to check out my YouTube Channel every Wednesday at Noon EST.

2 thoughts on “How I Earned over $10,000 Last Month Online With No Job

  1. Thank you for your videos! Do you mentor or coach new students? What are your fees? I would like some assistance.

    Thank you.

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