BIG Mistake New Online Booksellers (Amazon/Ebay) Make!

If you are a follower of my channel, you know that I recommend to EVERYONE to start selling used books if they want to learn the Amazon FBA ropes. They are easy to source, easy to list, and easy to understand. But that still doesn’t stop some new online resellers from making a few big mistakes that end up costing them both money and time. I’ve sold over a million dollars in books on Amazon using Amazon FBA. That might seem like a huge number and, admittedly, a million is a high number, but I’ve been doing this for the better half of a decade and the the numbers slowly add up, especially if you are doing truckloads of books like I did in 2018.

I am always asked “what mistakes should I look out for” when I do my free reseller mentorship livestreams at noon on my YouTube Channel so instead of repeating myself with the same list over and over again, I wrote this blog post and the corresponding video below- check it out! You might learn a tip that saves you thousands!

4 thoughts on “BIG Mistake New Online Booksellers (Amazon/Ebay) Make!

  1. I have a few questions….does Amazon supply shipping boxes? How do I label at post office? Do I list my own items and then ship in singles or as lots?

    1. amazon fba will provide the end fulfillment boxes. You will not send it through USPS. You create a shipment in seller central and then send it via UPS to an amazon warehouse, I have a video and article on this.

  2. Do you have any knowledge of HJ Closeouts, Des Plaines, IL?
    The website offers closeouts for FBA, shipments to Amazon and shipment prep.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I enjoy your videos and website.

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