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Free Reselling Mentorship Hour

Per usual, I went live at noon EST on Wednesday to talk a little about reselling and answer people’s questions. The main things I wanted to talk about in this video, which I touched on briefly, was how I am looking for new retail arbitrage trends and, to an extent, reselling trends in general. I am in the early stages of figuring out how I will create a monthly reselling report. Whether that stays private with me, I use it for videos, or I sell access to it, I am unsure of. My current estimation is that it will take 10 hours a month for me to create a useable list that brings in at least $1000 of profit a year and, ideally much, much more, but I am unsure of how valuable this information is going to be.

There are tons of lead lists that sell you what products are going for what price, where to get them, what to sell them at etc… and those are easy to replicate (part of my hesitation for getting into this in the first place) but I think by creating a monthly report with my views on where the reselling market is going, I can provide much greater value beyond the simple “BUY THIS AND PROFIT” mentality I see bubbling up on the perimeters of social media.

Anyways, here is the video, I hope you like it!

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