does bulk cherry pick? Case Review – Rip-off or Easy Money?

I often times hear people saying that there is no reason to buy from because people are CERTAIN they cherry pick out all the good stuff and only leave you with trash so I bought a $188 case of general merchandise from to find out. I have purchased from them before and had decent luck, although I would say I probably only am interested in 10-20% of the cases or pallets they have for sale.

The reason so many people think that is a rip-off service isn’t totally unfounded. They’ve had a pretty meteoric rise to success over the past decade and are owned by a larger reverse logistics firm called Optoro, who owns their own marketplace where they sell the items from the same larger truckloads that make up their manifested case and pallet loads. The logic follow that, if they have the ability to squeeze out every single penny from these larger loads, they will, so anything they are selling to you must be garbage.

Is Cherry Picking?

I think this is what we refer to as a “scarcity mindset” aka thinking that, because you’ve got it tough and will do anything to ensure you have more, everyone must be doing that way. One who views the world of e-commerce through the lens of abundance would see things quite differently. Understanding the sheer abundance of merchandise that flows through reverse logistics channels, it becomes very obvious to see how it is in Bulq’s best interest to sell cases and pallets to customers that will make them money, even if that money is technically less than they could make (revenue-wise) if they had toiled over the contents of these cases/pallets themselves.

In the video, I wasn’t blown away by, but that’s fine. A case fore $180 isn’t going to blow you away, particularly one that is mostly manifested. As I’ve been saying for a few years now, Bulq is good for beginners who are looking to start with easy-to-list, clean merchandise. It’s not gonna make you a millionaire, but, as you can see in the video, it isn’t hard to turn a decent profit.

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One thought on “ Case Review – Rip-off or Easy Money?

  1. Sure, what company won’t cherry pick some of their items, but for the most parts, I’ve gotten great stuff and made quite a few sales on what I have gotten from them. I have no doubt they cherry pick, but they don’t cherry pick everything.

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