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WBK Ultra Livestream 11/11/20

We talked about how much money I made last month. Not just the regular “here are my sales” videos that I’ve seen, but an in-depth breakdown into all the revenue I made, where it came from, and how I am optimizing it going into 2021. I also answered a lot of questions. I need to hire a VA to edit these livestreams into clips and then create a new channel just for those clips.

2 thoughts on “WBK Ultra Livestream 11/11/20

  1. You are it, man. Thanks! I was selling books before. That was a few years ago and then I moved yadda yadda. Now I can’t find my old store on amazon and I don’t know how. Do they just age off? I should call their customer support. I should do things for myself. I’m going to kee at this. I’m recharged. I may do books. I may do other things. Should I just set up up new store and sell everything thing, books, candy whatever or do I open multiple stores for each genre?

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