Is A Rip Off? is a marketplace on is a portal for large businesses to liquidate inventory directly to buyers and is a marketplace on that portal that is geared towards smaller liquidators who don’t warrant their own page the same way Target or Amazon might. As with any 3rd-party marketplace, such as eBay or Amazon, it is filled with both opportunities for good deals and unscrupulous bad actors looking to scam people. The wise buyer is wary towards the latter but does not let it discourage them from trying to find the best deals. I have purchased several times from, several times for my own private business and several times for the TV Show Extreme Unboxing, an unscripted program that I was fortunate enough to be on a few episodes of. Before, I had great luck with the pallets of returned/overstock merchandise, but that was only indicative of those specific sellers I bought from having good deals and not the marketplace as whole. A simple examination of the options for investment show that a large proportion of the listings are garbage and should never be purchased under any circumstances- often times these are massive salvage lots or case-loads of private label products not deemed fit for a profitable venture into the market. But, between those two, are the occasional wins. I purchased a pallet which I hoped to be a win from a seller in Newark, NJ. Out of respect for their privacy, I will not be naming the name or address of the seller as it is not public on’s website, just that they are based in Newark, NJ.

Is Legit? I bought a $12,000 Pallet to Find Out.

The short answer is this: is legit. is legit. The seller from Newark, NJ was not. I had no way of knowing before I purchased the pallet but, saving a little creativity and my ability to months/years to turn a profit, this would have otherwise been a bust. What was labeled as a pallet of Amazon returns ended up more accurately being two cases of private label products that were overstock amazon inventory and a derelict collection of salvage items from,, and Forever the optimist, I try to make the best of it during the video and paint a rosy picture (if only for my own sanity) but, when I asked myself if I would ever buy from this seller again, the answer is “NO” and because I would not buy from them again, it would undeniably seem that it was a bad experience.

As I write this, it has been a week or so since I filmed the video and I was able to recoup about $600 in items besides the shaving brushes and garden flags (about half my initial investment). I’ve sold one set of flags for $20 and haven’t yet even listed the shaving brushes. I suspect I will end up making $1000-$2000 on this, but it will take a long, long time and I do not think it was the best use of my time or money.

What advice do I have to offer for the entrepreneur looking to buy off Not much beyond avoiding this seller. This sort of trial and error is essential to how I do business and, looking back, I saw no indicators that the items would be in salvageable condition. The trick to making money flipping items from pallets isn’t buying the most, its buying the best, and when you stumble into an honest and reputable supplier, sticking with them until the well runs dry. Unfortunately for me, the well in Newark had already run dry.

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