hairy tornado interview

Interesting Internet People: Hairy Tornado (Josh Varnell)

I think that the ways people make money on the internet is endlessly interesting, and in an attempt to share what I find interesting with the masses, I’ve created this series of interviews I call INTERESTING INTERNET PEOPLE. It is just me talking to people who live lives that I find interesting. I find Josh’s life interesting because, in a relatively short time, he has become one of the main reseller YouTube accounts, bringing in $12,000/month from adsense alone. Not bad. He lives in South Carolina where the cost of living is cheap, so that $12,000/month he is making is creating the kind of financial security that everyone should strive for. Although he only considers himself a part-time ebay seller, he is a full-time content creator and takes great pains to make sure that his viewers appreciate and enjoy every aspect of his videos. I think he and I have a lot of similarities, but also a lot of differences, notably his compulsion to please people whereas I am far, far more antagonistic, even to my friends and family. Watch the conversation! I liked it!

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