resell dollar tree toys

How To Resell Dollar Tree Toys For Profit!

Are you looking for a side hustle that is easy to learn and can be expanded as far as you can take it? Retail arbitrage can help you create an income stream that isn’t impacted by who is hiring or how many hours you work, and by starting off at Dollar Tree, the finds are cheap and easy. I recommend that you scale up from Dollar Tree to larger avenues, thrift stores, Target, liquidation pallets, or estate sales, for example, but starting off at a dollar store is a great way for beginners to learn the basics of a hobby that can turn into a lifelong passive income stream! Here’s a short video I made outlining the process, hope you like it!

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What Are The Best Dollar Tree Items to Resell?

If you’re looking to start a resale business, Dollar Tree offers an easy starting point while you learn the ropes. The truth is that most of the Dollar Tree products aren’t worth reselling. For $1.25, you’re better off buying some used books at a thrift store, but there are some items that have consistent enough […]