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Apps That Offer Free Share of Stock for New Signups

If you’re looking to begin investing, there’s no reason not to start that journey using an app that gives out free shares of stocks for new signups. You probably aren’t going to suddenly be $1000 richer, but these stocks are free and if it’s something you’re already going to do, why not cash in on a good deal? I should also disclaim that I get bonuses to my account whenever someone new signs up as well, although generally companies like this incentivize referrals more than organic search so I don’t think it’s worth it to search our your own deal that somehow is better because I am not getting anything.


Robinhood was the first $0 trading fees stock app I remember hearing about. I would occasionally put in $100 here or there to invest in companies that I found interesting. I am not a professional by any means, but just messing around has allowed me to double the money I’ve put in. It’s been a lot of luck, but it also has paid off. If you want a free stock when you signup and make your first deposit, click the link.


WeBull came on later to the scene, or at least that’s how it appeared to me. They emailed me like 3 times a week with new promotions and long emails that talked about how great WeBull was. I hate that stuff. What lured me in was the 4 free stocks promotion– the same one you can get if you click the link. In my opinion, when a company emails me over and over again with little regard to if I have the time to read all their emails, it screams of scams, but there isn’t any scam here I could find, just an over-zealous direct marketing campaign.

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