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Amazon FBA Tips the Gurus Won’t Tell You

Here is my video outlining it, but if you don’t want to watch and would prefer to read, I’ve put the transcript below:

4 Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA Strategies for Q4 That the Gurus Won’t Tell You

This video is 4 strategies that will help you set a new record for retail arbitrage Q4 sales in your business. You probably haven’t heard these yet because I’ve noticed a lot of the Gurus on here take your money first then waste your time later. Lucky for you, we don’t do either on my channel. 

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Tip 1 is to stay away from Clothes and Shoes on FBA. I just put out a video a few days about how I am off clothes on eBay. I am way, way less harsh on new clothes on Amazon FBA, but, Q4 is the worst time to retail arbitrage them- why? Because of the returns. A recent poll from BodyBlock finds that over 50% of all clothing purchased online is returned and this number will only get HIGHEr during q4 when a majority of these items are gifts. Selling clothes and shoes on Amazon isn’t a bad idea, but retail arming them is. 

Tip 2 is to watch for Amazon Sell-outs. I haven’t heard anyone use this term before so I think this is me coining it- an Amazon sell out is a listing that Amazon stocks but sells out SO QUICKLY that other vendors can get the buy box, even at much higher prices. The video I made about TI 30xIIS calculators a while back was a perfect example of that. in Q4, it isn’t calculators that are selling out- its toys. Look for hot in-demand products and don’t be afraid to go 3-4x MORE than what Amazon is selling them for. While we’re talking about it- drop a comment below with what type of profit and ROI you’re comfortable with on retail arbitrage investments. I’ll reply to everyone I can! 

Tip 3 is to look for hot products from previous seasons- even last Q4, that Amazon no longer stocks BUT still in stores. These are trickier to find and you might have to go to the clearance section to find them- but not always! It is a common misconception that Walmart doesn’t keep products on their shelves once they’ve been discontinued. You can use the Walmart app when searching for these items to find out if they’re on Secret Clearance- a topic I plan on doing a video on later so subscribe if you aren’t!

Alright, we made it- one bonus more tip and then something really important I want to tell you at the end of the video, so keep watching! 

Tip 4- make sure you’ve got cash, even if it isn’t your own. A lot of people on here will tell you that using a service like Playability is a bad idea because you have a pay a 2% fee on every payment advance you get- but what they don’t understand is that not everyone has 50K in the bank they can play with. Some of us work for our money and we need it ASAP. Q4 is all about speed- the faster you buy, the faster you sell. Everyone knows that you need to spend money to make money- but spend it wisely and remember that these items MAY be returned. As a general rule of thumb, I try to make all my retail arb investments payout 2-3x what I paid for. That keeps me save if 10% of my items get returned (that’s more than I have ever had during Q4, but better safe than sorry). 

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The bonus tip is to consider Payability’s Seller Card. You get 2% back on all purchases, which goes a long way to offset the….2% fee you’re paying to get your money quick. 

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