I Found SECRET POKEMON CARDS at My Local Meijer!

If you’re reading this article, I will assume that you already know about the exponential increase in value that Pokemon cards have experienced recently. Charizards selling for tens of thousands of dollars! Pikachus worth more than my car! That’s all well and good, but how do you profit off of it? Unless you’ve got your secret stash of Pokemon cards from your youth hidden up in the attic, your options are limited. One of the things you can do is go around to stores like Walmart, Rite Aid, Meijer (or insert whatever is near you) and check beneath the aisles and end-caps for hidden pokemon cards that have been forgotten by time. I do this every once in a while when I am out retail arbitrage sourcing and, up until this point, have had no luck. But last week, I finally hit gold! Check out the video below to see what luck I had and how I am going to handle this secret retail arbitrage pokemon find.

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