I Bought a $200 Goodwill MYSTERY BOX From Hairy Tornado

A while back Josh (hairytornado on YouTube) was selling Goodwill Mystery boxes from the Goodwill liquidation pallets that were for sale at his local Goodwill Thrift Store in South Carolina. Man, I really wished that they did that up here in Michigan. But they did not. I don’t know why. Sometimes I question the competency of whoever runs the Goodwills up here. I don’t think that their main goal is making as much money as possible. Certain managers seem to have a disdain for resellers, thinking that their stuff isn’t to be bought for the purpose of profiting. What a bunch of idiots. Anyways, I bought this for $200 from him and I unbox it in the livestream.

2 thoughts on “I Bought a $200 Goodwill MYSTERY BOX From Hairy Tornado

  1. I loved how excited you got! About the game!!! Thanks as always! For your hard work, Sharing it with us all. The good and bad!! Hugs from AZ

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